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3 Nov 2017
The 'Discovering Diamonds' Book of the Month is
'Kitty's Story' by Fenella Forster

Many congratulations to Fenella Forster on winning this award for her WW2 novel (the third in her Voyagers series). 'Kitty's Story' also earned an 'Honourable Mention' for its gorgeous cover design too. 

Click here for the 'Discovering Diamonds' book review and click here for book details or to order.

31 Oct 2017
Wonderful review for Magsie Hamilton Little's
"The Sky is on Fire"

The 'From a Yellow House' book blog describes Magsie's book as, "a fantastic journey ... an intriguing tale ... a fascinating read ...thought-provoking & timely ... truly challenges many Western perceptions ... well worth the read."

Click here to read the full review and click here for book details or to order.

20 Oct 2017
Wellington Weekly News features
"Sergeant Jack" by Tim Williams

'The Wellington Weekly News' and its sister website 'Wellington Today' praised Tim William's WW2 doggy adventure as a "humorous new book aimed at children.'

Click here to read the article and/or click here for book details or to order.

19 Oct 2017
Fenella Forster's WW2 novel "Kitty's Story"
becomes a "Discovered Diamond"

The 'Discovering Diamonds' historical-fiction website gave "Kitty's Story" a wonderful review: "I thoroughly enjoyed this book ... some plot twists that will have you gasping ... eminently readable ... skilful plot and excellent writing." 

Click here to read the entire review and/or click here for book details or to order.

18 Oct 2017
Praise 'From a Yellow House' for
"Sleeping with the Rabbits"

The book blog described Susanne Defoe's memoir of escape from domestic abuse as "intriguing ... we watch Suzanne strive against all the odds to make a decent life for herself and her children ... a great read."

Click here to read the review.  Click here for book details or to order.

15 Oct 2017
BBC Radio Wiltshire interview with
Terry Parkins, author of "Hummer"

Terry Parkins told BBC Wiltshire listeners about his inspiration for his epic novel "Hummer" - the story of a power-struggle within a colony of wild bees. Terry is donating some of the profits from the book to bee protection charities.

Click here to listen to the interview (50 mins into the programme)  and Click here for book details or to buy

13 Oct 2017
Congratulations to Fenella Forster
on her successful London book launch

Fenella Forster's third novel in "The Voyagers" series has just received its London launch! Telling the stories of three women from the same family during different periods of history, all three books in the series, "Annie's Story"; "Juliet's Story' and "Kitty's Story" are now available.

Click here to find out more about 'The Voyagers' novels or to order.

12 Oct 2017
'Female First' features Susanne Defoe
author of "Sleeping with the Rabbits"

Susanne Defoe - whose moving memoir of escape from domestic abuse was published recently - revealed 10 things she would like her readers to know about her. 

Click here to read the feature in 'Female First'  -  and click here for book details or to buy.

28 Sep 2017
"Kitty's Story" is 'a great autumn read'
says From A Yellow House book blog

In a glowing review for WW2 novel, "Kitty's Story" by Fenella Forster, the book blog says, "The author is a fantastic story teller and I found myself totally enthralled from the very beginning. The attention to detail is spot on ... excellent ... now I am intrigued to go back and read the other two books in The Voyagers series."

Click here to read the full review  and click here for book details

    29 Aug 2017
    BBC 'Who Do You Think You Are?' mag
    recommends Alan Gaunt's book

    The August 2017 issue of "Who Do You Think You Are?" magazine said of A Good Man and A Brave Man, "The lives of ordinary soldiers who served in the First World War can be hard to trace. Gaunt sets out to trace the story of ... Cecil Thomas Packer, who fought at both Gallipoli and the Somme."

    Click here for book details or to order

    17 Aug 2017
    BBC Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour' talks to
    David Ledain, author of "GayDad"
    3 Aug 2017
    Sixtyplusurfers love Nick Clements'
    'I Swear by Almighty G-G-G-God'

    The August 2017 issue of Sixtyplusurfers says of this police officer's (very non-PC) memoir, ' ... tells of a young man's determination to escape his past and prove himself as a dedicated and fearless representative of the law. It is also a very funny and entertaining autobiography which I thoroughly enjoyed.'

    Click here for book details or to buy