#WeToo in The White House

Love, Scandals & Power

by Nigel Cawthorne

The private lives of POTUS (President Of The United States) past and present! This explosive book reveals sexual scandals & shocking secrets (some funny, some very sad - and some just bizarre) about US Presidents throughout history - from George Washington to Donald Trump. All the presidential scandals (alleged and proven) brought together in one eye-opening book.

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CHRONICLES OF THE WINTER OF THE WORLD: 1914 - 1918: 5-book-set

All five novels in the WW1 'Tommy Gunn' Adventure Series
Release date: 28 June 2019 to mark the Centenary of the Treaty of Versailles

by leading military historian, JOHN HUGHES-WILSON

"A unique contribution to World War One literature" according to Brian MacArthur, John Hughes-Wilson's five volume-set of historically accurate WW1 novels are now all available in paperback and ebook  as a testament to the heroism and sacrifice of a generation of young men.

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by Julie de Vere Hunt

A highly controversial account of what happened to Mary Magdalene after the Crucifixion of Jesus - the claims in this book will send shock waves through the Catholic Church and beyond.  Publication date: 26 June 2019. (The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene is on 22 July). 

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London's Best Cocktail Bars

The Most Popular Hotspots

by Susan Cohen

The hippest, most up-to-date and stylish guide to London's cocktail scene - inspiration for special celebrations, romantic dates, styllish hen nights or those 'just because' nights out, this is a gorgeous guide book

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The Complete Handbook to an Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Space

by Paul Hymers

The must-have guide to creating an eco-friendly, energy efficient home or premises - written by an experienced building engineer and packed with practical information and money-saving tips to help people to help the planet and improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and future generations.

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1 - Twin Flame Meditations

to help you Understand, Heal & Grow

by Theodora F. Izzard

Through beautiful words and evocative images, this unique exploration of the currently-trending TWIN FLAME phenomenon expresses the life-changing  impact of meeting your very own Twin Flame. Based on the author's own Twin Flame experience, this book will make you think & feel, connect & love - and cry and smile.

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How to find happiness

by Katarina K Valentini

An insightful guide for partners of narcissists - whether they wish to leave their toxic situation or wish to transform it into a happy, healthy and rewarding relationship for both partners. 

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A rebellious dentist bites off more than he can chew
in a shambolic NHS practice

by Michael Hackett

Who knew that a career in dentistry would be like pulling teeth?  This riotous novel is based on the true-life experiences of a dentist who ran away to join the circus.  Comedian Michael Hackett's first book is shocking, entertaining and very funny. 

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by Julie de Vere Hunt

A controversial and thought provoking appraisal of the legend of Mary Magdalene - the repentant sinner, 'bride' of Jesus, mother, teacher, healer and priestess.

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An Anthology of Short Stories

by Diana Kay

A sparkling collection of witty and entertaining short-stories about love, relationships, romance and friendships - beautifully told with warmth, insight and great humour.

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The Woven Figure

by Alexander Hall

Set during the financial crisis of 2008, this powerful novel about marriage and family life explores dark themes (including blackmail, rape, suicide and bereavement) while raising thought-provoking questions about the nature of love, fidelity and parenthood.

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A Coast to Coast Walk

by Steve Ankers

Steve Ankers sets out on a 200-mile walk from The Mersey to The Humber battling with the weather and the terrain, but relishing the inspirational people he meets along the way - the unsung heroes who work tirelessly for our heritage, our environment and our communities - and, in this centenary year for women's suffrage, those who still campaign today for gender equality and justice for all.

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Looking back on fun and games in and out of the classroom

by Scott Hamlyn

A newly-retired teacher's humorous memoirs of life in the classroom (and staffroom) from the 1970s to the present day. Funny and fascinating reading for teachers, pupils, parents and anyone wanting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life in our schools.

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A Journey through Life, Belief and Humanity

by Francis Chadwick

An Anglican priest looks back on more than 60 years of ministry in the UK and overseas - and considers some of the most challenging issues facing the Christian faith today. 

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Artist Anthony Wakefield Hill on Life and Painting

'Outsider' artist inspired by The Lake District

by Anthony Wakefield Hill

The artist and author - who was born in Keswick in The Lake District - offers a full and frank interview about his life, his painting and his writing.

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Following the Volga through the Heart of Russia

Thom Wheeler

Russia beyond the headlines: exciting and thought-provoking travel writing; Thom Wheeler's accounts of his two journeys (one following the Volga River, the other across Russia in an old VW camper) introduce us to the people of Russian and offer revealing insights into the history, politics and culture of this controversial nation.

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Short Stories from the Dark Side of 21st Century Society

by Morven Watt

Beautifully-crafted, short stories probing the deepest recesses of the human psyche - chilling, thrilling and mind-boggling stories from an exciting, fresh new literary talent.  These tales of twisted minds, terrifying technology and tragic human dilemmas will scare and entertain. (NB: Some adult themes and strong language). 

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Adventures on Two Wheels at Home and Abroad

by Fran Adams

Cycling and camping, here are Fran Adams' joyful accounts of her family's pedal-powered adventures in England, Wales, France, Majorca, Italy and Dominican Republic. Best-selling novelist, Katie Fforde describes Fran's memoirs as "Entertaining and inspiring .... full of courage and comedy."

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The Real Motives for Scottish and Catalan Independence

The Myth of Freedom

by Anthony Wakefield Hill

A timely dissertation on the Scottish and Catalan Independence debates and the nature of human yearnings for 'freedom'. 

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and Other Circuitous Adventures in Italy, France and Switzerland

David Le Vay

Two wonderful travel books describing mountain walking challenges in France, Italy and Switzerland - the inspiring and humorous adventures of hiling budies coping with steep gradients, foreigh languages and each other.

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Adventures in the UK, Europe and beyond

Journeys on foot, by bicycle, by VW Camper van, by boat, by car .... and by camel.

Wonderful travel writing books for adventurous readers.

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Muddy boots and map-reading challenges in France and the UK

Best foot forward! Some wonderful travel writing books by foot-sore walkers 

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Travels by foot and by bike

Five human-powered journeys of discovering in the UK and Europe and beyond

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On foot and on bicycles in France and beyond

Four inspirational travel writing books for Francophiles with a love of walking or cycling

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Sleeping with the Rabbits

A story of family life and personal survival

by Susanne Defoe

A true-life account of an escape from domestic abuse, cruelty and ignorance - one woman's courageous struggle to survive and to build a decent life for her and he daughters.

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The third novel in The Voyagers trilogy - out 26 June 2017

by Fenella Forster

Set during WW2, this new Voyagers novel is a compelling tale of true-love versus duty. A headstrong young woman carries out a dangerous mission knowing that it will break her heart and shatter her dreams.

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by Adam Hutchison

A practical, how-to business guide, written by an experienced senior executive, this book offers innovative techniques and down-to-earth advice to help new and experienced managers get the most from their team while also helping employees to feel motivated and valued.

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Sergeant Jack

The Adventures of a Doggy Army

by Tim Williams

A doggy 'Dad's Army' goes into action in this amusing adventure for kids (aged 7-11) - meet the courageous canines of the Terriertorials guarding precious food supplies in post-war England. 

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When the bees of Lambas face a cruel tyrant
they will need all their courage to survive

by Terry Parkins

A timely fantasy story of life, love and conflict in a bee colony; this is an enthralling novel for older children, teenagers and adults. 50% of profits from sales of this book are being donated to charities helping to protect bees.

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Authors who found a great publisher

Interesting for any writer hoping to publish a book soon

We meet four authors who worked in partnership with the team at Memoirs Publishing (and the new Memoirs imprint, Mereo) to get their work out to the public. 

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The story of my father, David Ronald Johnston 1924 - 1976

by The Reverend Linda Dodds

Being released on 5th June 2017, this book tells the inspirational true story of the remarkable David Johnston who overcame blindness to become one of the driving forces behind the charity Oxfam.

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The politically incorrect memoirs of a police officer who tried to make a difference

by Nick Clements

With some adult-only content, this is the true-life story of the son of a criminal who overcame a debilitating stutter to become a police officer. This entertaining memoir contains humour and horror, danger and excitement, passion and illicit sex, marital joy and strife as well as triumphs and set backs.  

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Sussex Heart Charity Annual Sponsored Walk

raises thousands to support heart patients & their families

On 14th May 2017 more than 160 people - many of them heart patients themselves - took part in a sponsored walk on the seafront in Brighton & Hove to raise money to support heart disease patients and their families across East & West Sussex.  

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Can John Steadman find the Links between a Trail of Bizarre and Macabre Murders?

by Jake Buchan

The Blind Detective returns to unravel the mystery surrounding three sadistic murders - but this time John Steadman has the help of a new colleague -  his guide dog, Robbie. Here's the latest thrilling detective novel from the pen of medical-doctor, Jake Buchan.  Gripping summer reading - perfect timing for Father's Day on 18th June 2017.

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For the Digital Age

by Rod Cooke

A well-regarded business adviser (with 50 years' experience) advocates new business approaches to revive Britain's industrial prospects for the post-Brexit era in this provocative and politically-outspoken new book.

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Toad and the Miracle at Croco Lake

by Ken Metcalfe

Toad returns in a brand new adventure!  Being published in April 2017, this second illustrated book in Ken Metcalfe's delightful series set in 1930s Africa will amuse children (and their parents). 

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Memoirs of a Backslider
Publication date: 10 April 2017

by C.R. Hopkins

A humorous, moving and surprising account of growing up in The Salvation Army in the 1950s & 60s - explores themes of adolescence, faith, doctrine, mental illness and forbidden sexuality.

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The Story of a Gloucestershire Soldier, Cecil Thomas Packer, 1885 - 1916

by Alan Gaunt - PUBLICATION DATE: 24 APRIL 2017

This book is the moving account of a humble man who fought for King and Country in World War I and never returned home. Cecil Packer survived Gallipoli and The Somme only to die in mysterious circumstances in December 1916. This book tells Cecil's story and solves the mystery of his untimely death.

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Haunted by a childhood tragedy, driven by his search for justice

by Catherine Gilling

An intricately-woven tale of suspense, intrigue and love set in rural Georgian England.  Down load the press release for further information about this and other romantic, historical novels from the pen of Catherine Gilling - and discover her collection of short stories too.

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Getting to the top in the marine engineering industry

by Kevin Cooney (publication date: 7 Nov 2016)

An insider's view of the connected worlds of yachting and marine engineering - this entertaining memoir will appeal to sailing enthusiasts, engineers, business people and anyone who would like to know what it is really like to set up and run a successful company. 

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Romance, adventure and tragedy as a young girl comes of age in the Caribbean sun
out on 3rd October 2016

by Deiana Denise Sutherland

Contemporary romantic fiction exploring the loss of innocence; loyalty and betrayal; forgiveness; parenthood; bereavement; and the enduring nature of true love - set against the backdrop of St Vincent and the Grenadines, where the author was born and brought up.

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One woman. One camel. Two nomads.

by Magsie Hamilton Little - out on 26 Sept 2016

A British woman, two Tuareg tribesmen and an ailing camel named Fleabag share a journey in the treacherous Sahara. What they learn about each other will remain with them for ever. This book challenges many Western perceptions about North Africa, Islam, terrorist organisations - and about the tragic plight of refugee families fleeing for their lives.

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A delightful, heart-warming adventure for younger readers
Publication date: 12 September 2016

by Ken Metcalfe

Toad is about to get married but his plans are thrown into disarray when he is snatched from the lake where he lives and taken far away. Can Toad survive encounters with hungry snakes and crocodiles to make it back to his lake in time to say 'I do"? With charming illustrations by Neil Chapman, Toad's adventures with thrill and amuse readers in equal measure.

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Because writing the book is just the beginning ...

Helen Hart of SilverWood Books discusses options available for independent authors and offers advice on how they can find the right publishing partner for themselves and their work.

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Hazel Rochez prepares for

100km South Coast Challenge 2016

raising funds for Alzheimer's Society

Chichester Mum-of-four, Hazel Rochez (57) is taking on her biggest challenge so far: running 100km (just over 62 miles) from Eastborurne to Arundel in just two days (27 & 28 August 2016) to raise money for Alzheimer's Society in memory of her mother.   Click here to sponsor Hazel.

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There are several beautiful women in his life -
Perhaps one too many ....

a new novel by T A Ward

An adults-ony gripping thriller about sex, deception and betrayal - this new novel is fast-paced, entertaining and darkly witty.

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Explore the latest opportunities for

today's independent authors

Professional self-publishing services from SilverWood

What can an independent author expect from SilverWood Books?  We learn more about this friendly and professional Bristol-based company who have been helping authors to self-publish for almost ten years. 

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British Democracy is on the ropes. Two men risk everything:
A ruthless assassin - and the King of England
Publication date: 6 June 2016 - action-packed summer reading

by Martin Doktar

A gripping thriller - set in Britian ten years from now - the new King faces a deadly assassin while his realm is in political turmoil and threatened by crime and terrorism. This fast-paced novel will appeal to all those who love political thrillers and spy stories.

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Ten True Stories of Divorced Gay Men with Kids
Living in the UK Today
by David Ledain - PUBLICATION DATE: 13 JUNE 2016

Foreword by Charlie Condou (from 'Coronation Street')

Controversial, heart-breaking and ultimately inspiring, this book offers the true-life stories of ten homosexual men who married women and had children before 'coming out' as gay. Why did these gay men marry women? What impact has it has on their children? What has happened to their ex-wives? Was it all worth it in the end?

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Carole McCall will be appearing at
7pm on Wednesday 1st June 2016

at Waterstones, Tunbridge Wells TN1 2TD

Carole will be giving a talk and signing copies of her books: The Communication Generation; The Boomer Generation; The Lotus Generation and The Fourth Generation. Tickets from Waterstones, Tunbridge Wells tel: 01892 535446

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Meet The SilverWood team & their authors

at The London Book Fair - Stand 1G45
You are invited to three events 12 - 14 April, Olympia

Download the press release for your invitations

Considering self-publishing? Need advice? Want to meet authors who have done it too? SilverWood are holding an event every day on their stand at The London Book Fair where you can chat to the SilverWood team and meet their authors.  Don't miss out!

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at The London Book Fair - Stand 1G45

12 - 14 April 2016, Olympia, London

Meet the SilverWood Books publishing team and their authors at #LBF16 - attend drinks receptions and explore the latest opportunities for today's self-publishing authors.  Click the press release link below to take a sneak preview at the downloadable press pack - and do make a note of the event dates for your diary. We hope to see you there.

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An Extraordinary Sacrifice

The Story of PC Nicola Hughes: 16.10.88 - 18.9.2012
by her father, Bryn Hughes

Publication date: 21st March 2016

In 2012 the nation was shocked by the pre-meditated murders of two police officers, PC Nicola Hughes (aged 23) and PC Fiona Bone (32). Now Nicola's father gives his own personal account of his daughter's life and the aftermath of her violent, tragic death. Profits from this book are being donated to the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund to help young people who have been bereaved by violence crime.

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Memoirs of a Natural Scientist
By Professor Bernard Donovan

Publication Date: 29 February 2016

The autobiography of a world-renown scientist whose career spanned six decades of the most astounding advances in medicine - life-saving and life-enhancing advances (to which he contributed) and which would change society but also lead to some tricky ethical dilemmas for scientists and doctors. A fascinating read for anyone interested in the development and history biomedical sciences and for those who are considering a career in science.

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The Communication Generation

by Carole McCall

Publication date: 29 February 2016

These inspirational memoirs celebrate the role played by all women in the lives of our children and grandchildren. The author also examines the impacts of all forms of communication (old and new) and how we use them in our relationships. A perfect gift for Mums and Grannies everywhere.

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Publication date: 25 January 2016

by Fenella Forster

The second novel in THE VOYAGERS series offers tantalising mysteries and plenty of passion.  As this family-saga reaches the 21st century, the characters continue to navigate their perilous route through the dark secrets of the past.

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London, 9 Nov 2015: 6:45pm Free Word Centre

meet Gabriela Babnik, author of 'Dry Season'

winner of the 2013 European Union Prize for Literature

Gabriela will be discussing her novel "DRY SEASON" (being released in English by Istros Books) - an unforgettable novel about a passionate love affair between a 62-year-old European woman and a 27-year-old African man. 

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EU Prize for Literature 2013 winner
UK & Ireland release date: 16 November 2015

BY Gabriela Babnik

At last, now available in English, an extraordinary, award-winning and unforgettable novel about a passionate love affair between a 62-year-old European woman and a 27-year-old African man.

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Don't miss this rare chance to meet these

award-winning authors from former-Yugoslavia
20 years after the Dayton Peace Agreement

London, 16 Oct and Ilkley 18 Oct 2015

Two award-winning authors from Slovenia and Montenegro (one of whom has won the European Prize for Literature) are on a brief visit to the UK.  You can see them in London or Ilkley - or arrange an interview during their visit.

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Publication date 5th October 2015
Marking the 20th Anniversary of The Dayton Agreement 14th Dec 1995

by Goran Vojnović (award-winning Slovenian novelist & film-maker)

A deeply moving and disturbing novel exploring the legacy of the Yugoslav Wars through the eyes of a young man who discovers that his beloved father was a war criminal.

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A collection of poems inspired by the corridors of Oxford and the battlefields of Italy
by Norman Friskney

publication date: 28 September 2015

Moving, insightful and wryly-amusing poetry expressing the joys and sorrows of human experiences.

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The Lines of Tamar

Born into a world where there is no such thing as coincidence
Publication date: 12 October 2015

a novel by Sheila Mughal

The Da Vinci Code meets Sex in the City ?  This mystical 21st century adventure weaves together ancient prophesies and folklore with the modern-day issues facing many women.  A gripping mystery story plus contemporary romantic fiction, this meticulously-researched novel will appeal to those interested in spirituality and legends - and to those researching their own family history. 

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In Their Own Words

Women Who Served in World War II
Publication date: 19 October 2015

by Rachel Vogeleisen

The culmination of ten years of research, this fascinating book is a collection of portraits and testimonials that record the experiences of 21 women who served during the war.

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Preview the Istros press pack

prior to the London Book Fair 2014

Have a look at the exciting titles coming up for this summer and autumn; find out about Istros events in London 13-17 April and meet the Director of Istros.

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THEIR DISCOVERERS - out on 10th August 2015

by Ian Taylor

Fascinating facts from the worlds of science, technology and human achievement - this accessible book (written by a science teacher & lecturer) explores the greatest discoveries of history, from ancient times through to the 20th century. 

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Exciting events with ISTROS Books

around The London Book Fair

13 - 17 April 2015

Your chance to meet award-winning, writers from Turkey, Bulgaria and Croatia (who are now being published in English) at receptions & literary events during the week of #LBF15.  See the press release for details. Please get in touch if you would like to attend.

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Till Kingdom Come

by Andrej Nikolaidis

out on 24 August 2015

A reporter tackles his most important investigation - to uncover his true identity. A gripping tale that challenges many deeply held perceptions about identity, now available for the first time in English, this is the latest book from a winner of the European Prize for Literature.

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Publication date: 14 April 2015

by Olja Savičević

A tale of loss and redemption; heroes and glamour; and unfulfilled small-town yearnings. A truly remarkable novel from one of Croatia's best-known female writers - now avaialble in English.

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Former 'enemies' meet 70 years after VJ Day


Full press pack also available (see below)

On 21st June 2015 Sir Harold Atcherley (97) - who was a POW forced by the Japanese to work on the Burma-Siam railway during WW2 -  met Mr Mikio Kinoshita (95) who had been a Japnese soldier in the Railway Regiment on that notorious railway.  On 22nd June a reception was held in London to mark this historic meeting. It was attended by other former POWs who had also worked on the 'death railway' and by the Japanese Ambassador. There are lots of photos avaialable on request.

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Former 'enemies' to meet 70 years after

Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the end of WW2

Reconciliation for 'death railway' PoW & Japanese soldier

As a prisoner of war, Sir Harold Atcherely was forced to work on the notorious Burma-Thailand 'death railway' (1942-43).  Mr Mikio Kinoshita was a Japanese Army Engineer on that terrible railway which cost an estimated 120,000 lives - one life for every sleeper laid.  Now, both in their mid-90s, the two men are meeting in London for the first time to "extend a hand of friendship after so many years of misunderstanding and hatred, before it is too late."  Journalists are invited to reception on 22nd June 2015 to meet these two courageous men.  

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New and forthcoming titles for 2015

From ISTROS Books

A sneak preview of what's in store

Seven new books - extraordinary, fresh writing from exceptional, award-winning European authors now, at last, available in English.

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Ice Cream, Gas Masks and God

A Young Girl Grows Up in the War Years

by Joyce M Lovely - publication date: 22 June 2015

A funny, touching and heart-warming portrait of war time Liverpool and beyond - absolutely fascinating and gloriously nostalgic.

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Introducing Istros Books

Extraordinary writing from prize-winning European authors

Because words that matter transend all borders

Meet Istros Books: This London-based independent publisher (founded in 2011) makes available, for the first time in English, some of the most extraordinary writing from exceptional European authors.

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The Birth of Women's Political Emancipation

by Harry Stone (publication date 29 June 2015)

By exploring the inter-relationships of five queens and other powerful women in late 16th Century Europe, the author examines the influence of women in the international politics of the time - and how the consequences of their actions shaped modern-day Britain and Europe. 

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Modern Art Adventures - out 5th May 2015

36 exciting & creative art projects for kids aged 6+

by Maja Pitamic & Jill Laidlaw

Based on modern masterpieces, this beautiful book offers inspirational, no-experience-needed, inexpensive art projects and is a brilliant resource for parents, teachers &  families. Educational? Yes - but also so much fun! 

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FairyTales from the Left Hand Pocket

by Aleksandar Prokopiev (out on 20 May 2015)

A remarkable collection of haunting short stories - some based on traditional fairy tales - but with very adult themes from Macedonia's most famous writer and musician. This book won the Balkanika Prize in 2012 and is, at last, avaialble in English.

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Expert advice to feed your mind, body and soul

by Dr Ilona Boniwell & Bridget Grenville-Cleave

A new Mindful Living title from Modern Books, being published on 15 April 2015 -  Written by globally-respected experts in positive psychology, here's a perfectly-priced paperback brimming over with great ideas to help us all live happier and more satisfying lives. An inspirational gift idea too!

Click here for the press release


Cleanse and revitalise your system
and see the difference in seven days

by Charmaine Yabsley

Written by an acclaimed health & nutrition author/journalist, this new Mindful Living title from Modern Books is published on 15 March 2015. Head-to-toe; inside-and-out; for mind, body & spirit, this has to be the ultimate one-week detox guide.

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Around the World in a Mini in the Early 1960s

by Jeanne de Ferranti

The first ever round-the-world journey in a Mini was made by two intrepid young British women between 1961 and 1963. Their story was never reported in the newspapers or on the radio or TV. Very few people know what they had achieved. Now, with the help of diaries, letters and lots of photos from the time, one of those women tells their story for the very first time. 

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THE BOOMER GENERATION - out on 26 May 2015

The Tantalising Tale of a Boom that Went Bust

by Carole McCall

The Baby Boomers (born1946 - 64) had everything they could wish for: freedom, music, power, education, health and money. What more could they want ....?  Carole McCall's memoirs resonate with women of all ages and offer fascinating insights for social historians too. 

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Mum of four (55) tackles TWO marathons in TWO weeks

for Alzheimer's Society in memory of her own mother

Hazel Rochez hopes to raise £2000 by running the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 12th April and The London Marathon on Sunday 26th April 2015

Click here to donate

Click here for the press release

HAWTHORN'S HILL - out on 7 April 2015

Nuclear weapons don't have to be detonated to cause disaster

by Denis Redmond

The follies of diplomacy, tribal conflict and the foibles of race and sex are all ingredients in this topical and cleverly-constructed novel about modern Africa.

Click here for the press release

"ANNIE'S STORY" - out on 20 April 2015

by Fenella Forster

The first book in "The Voyagers" series, this is a historical family saga set in England and Australia. It spans the turbulent years from 1913 to the early 1930s as seen through the eyes of a young housemaid who becomes an abandoned wife and mother. 

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A Rational Perspective

by Mohammed Jabbar

What does it mean to be British and Muslim? Throwing new light on one of the greatest issues facing the world today, this fresh analysis from a British Muslim and post-graduate law student explores the peaceful tenets of the Islamic faith against the backdrop of today's global conflict. 

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So many exciting titles from this new imprint

from Elwin Street Productions

Illustrated practical titles for mindful living – beautiful books focusing on healthy eating, parenting, active ageing and creativity. 2015  Modern Books' titles includes The Vegetarian Year by Jane Hughes; Total Detox Plan by Charmaine Yabsley, 100 Ways to Happiness by Dr Ilona Boniwell and The Alkaline Cleanse by Dr Stephan Domenig – the follow up to the best-selling Alkaline Cure.

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Spanked for Profit & Pleasure

by Anna Skye (being published 8 June 2015)

What makes an attractive, well-educated, middle-aged widow offer herself to be spanked by strangers in return for money? This is the true story of how Anna cleared her debts by being spanked. This ADULTS-ONLY book is erotic and moving. It also challenges many attitudes to abortion, rape, IVF, prostitution and childlessness.

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A Novel of Life, Death and Hope

by Michael Khatkar

Being published on 7 April 2015, this is a sexually explicit thriller (for adults only) with some disturbing and violent themes. It follows the meandering life of one individual and his bizarre effect on a handful on people. Tortured Love is not for the faint of heart - but then neither is life itself.

Click here for the press release


A Tommy Gunn Adventure

by John Hughes-Wilson

Written by a leading military historian, the first volume in this new series of WW1 novels takes us from the outbreak of the war, to the horror of the trenches and the extraordinary truce on Christmas Day 1914. Historian and journalist Andrew Roberts decribes this first book in the series as, "gripping ... superbly written, true to life ... and very exciting."

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The adventures of a society beauty on and off the stage

by Elfrida Eden Fallowfield

The glamorous and star-studded memoir of an aristocratic debutante, society beauty and niece of former British Prime Minister, Sir Anthony Eden.  Funny, warm and revealing - forthcoming for November 2014

Click here for the press release


A Reluctant Immigrant in Canada

by Doreen Holt

A thought-provoking memoir spanning nine decades: This account of life in Liverpool before, during and after WWII, and of life as an immigrant in Canada, will resonate with any woman who has ever juggled a career, marriage, motherhood and care-giving. It provides many fascinating insights into how much (and how little) the lives of women changed throughout the 20th Century.

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The True Story of a Horse That Went to War

by Martin Laurie

The real-life "War Horse" - this is the moving, true story (not told before) of a lad and his cherished horse struggling to survive the horrors of World War One. This remarkable book (availavble from 6 October 2014)  is based on documents, letters home and photos from the time.

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It's a Dog's Life for the Other Half

Tales from In and Around a Veterinary Practice

Steve Ankers

As the brother of a vet and the husband of a vet, Steve Ankers can't escape the fact that All Creatures Grunt and Smell!  Very funny and sometimes very moving. Out on 20th October! The perfect gift for any James Herriot or Gerald Durrell fan - and for anyone who has ever cared for an animal.

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Poems and Songs

by William F McHardy (1849 - 1926)

Originally published in 1899, this collection of verses by Montrose resident, William F McHardy was forgotten for more than a century until the author's great-great-great-grandson decided to re-issue it to raise money for charity.(Montrose is situated on the East Coast of Scotland between Dundee and Aberdeen). 

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Will a daring bid to save a beloved brother lead to romance - or disaster?

by Catherine Gilling

A stiring historical romance set in Austria during the years of the Habsburg Empire - to be published on 19th January 2015

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Into the Digital Ether

A click of the keyboard sent him seven centuries into the past

by Andrew C F Whitehead

Being published on 26th January 2015, this is a fresh, accessible and humorous time-slip novel for fans of fantasy and historical fiction.

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The White Queen of Middleham

A Historical Novel about Richard III's Wife Anne Neville

By Lesley J Nickell (1944-2013)

First published in 1978 and now re-released by popular demand, here's the story of an English Queen who was formerly a kitchen-maid.

This book was the runner-up in the first-ever Georgette Heyer Prize for a Historical Novel.

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THE ORACLES OF TROY (out: 22nd August 2014)

The latest book in "The Adventures of Odysseus" series

by Glyn Iliffe

Announcing the eagerly awaited fourth book is this best-selling series by Glyn Iliffe. This new novel tackles the events leading up to the most infamous deception in history: The Trojan Horse.  A fast-paced, engrossing, page-turner of a read!

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He sought adventure, and found more than he had bargained for ...

by Catherine Gilling

An ingenious historical novel of adventure, romance and political intrigue.

Publication date: 11 August 2014

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The Five Hundred Year War

Agincourt to World War 1

by Edward Tovey

Inspired by the author's own family history, this remarkable (and meticulously-researched) historical novel spans 500 years of European history through the lives of two Kentish families. It is also a heart-rending love story about a couple torn apart by war and duty.

Publication date: 8 August 2014

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War Medic Hero

A Portrait of Sergeant Pierre Naya, Military Medal RAMC

by Michael Naya

A tribute to a hero of one of the most contentious conflicts of modern times, the story of Pierre's valour and humanity as a British army medic in the Falklands War is awe-inspiring and very moving.

Publication date: 18 August 2014

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The Grown-Ups Wouldn't Like It

Adventures in several countries and many languages

by Delia Despair

From being placed in unconventional childcare to rubbing shoulders with superstars, Delia's life story is captivating.  Warm, funny and sometimes poignant - a great read from cover to cover.

Publication date: 1st August 2014

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The Ups and Downs of an Aerospace Doctor

by Gordon Sharp (Publication date: 21 July 2014)

When Gordon Sharp  chose medicine as a career, he could never have guessed the extraordinary path his life would follow:  the space programme; the advancement of healthcare for pilots and astronauts; broadcasting on national TV about complex scientific issues; and then becoming a physician to Royalty.  This is a fascinating account of a most unusual medical life.

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It starts with a KISS

Publication date: 16th June 2014

S N Weddle

Yesterday she was a suicidal middle-aged housewife. Today she's 21, with the looks of a goddess ....

A witty modern-day, adult fairy-tale exploring identity, beauty, relationships and ageing from a female perspective - but written by a man.

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As I Walked Out Through Spain

In Search of Laurie Lee

by P D Murphy

Being published 26th June 2014 to mark the Centenary of the Birth of Laurie Lee

P D Murphy journeys through Spain and into the troubled soul of a classic writer - retracing Laurie Lee's 1935 "As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning" travels (BBC Radio 4's Book of the Week 16-20 June 2014). See 'further information' for wonderful photos.

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Swimming Against the Tide

The Diary of an Essex Copper: 1953 - 1983

by George P Raven

A timely account of one man's rise through the ranks in the days when a policeman's lot was a far happier one.  How much has policing changed in recent years? Have our perceptions of the police changed? Is Policing used as a political football?  Fascinating and controversial.  (Published May 2014)

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A Better, Gentler World ... Where Nothing Can Really Go Wrong

by Christine Thorpe

Perfect summer reading - following the lives of inhabitants of a Cotswold village - a delightful, feel-good novel with a healthy splash of romance. 

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When War Shatters a Young Soldier's Life, Can Love and Loyalty Survive?

by David Fawkes

Portraying the lives of one German family from 1927, through WW2 and on to the 1980s, this novel explores the motivations of those who joined with or stood against the Nazis.  It graphically conveys the tragic consequences of the Third Reich.

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Blind Pursuit

Introducing DCI Steadman - the blind detective

by Jake Buchan

Being published in May 2014, here's a fast-paced, adult detective story liberally peppered with intriguing clues, twists, turns, false trails and unlikely coincidences. Someone robbed DCI Steadman of his wife and of his sight - but they could not rob him of his courage.... 

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The new kid on the block!

Memoirs Publishing launch their new Mereo imprint at

The 2014 London Book Fair 8-10 April, Stand P430

So exciting!  Don't miss out!  Visit Stand P430 at the London Book Fair (Earls Court 8-10 April 2014) to see their stunning new list (or contact Elly Donovan PR for more info, a press pack, a catalgoue or to request interviews.)

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London Book Fair 2014 - an invite

Help Mereo to celebrate - Stand P430

4pm Tus 8th April - Earls Court

If you are at the London Book Fair 8-10 April 2014, please join Memoirs Publishing on stand P430 for a drink to help them celebrate launching the new Mereo imprint and the launch of the "All About ...." series of books.  If you can't make it at 4pm on 8th April, please drop by during the Book Fair to check-out their inspiring selection of books for 2014. (Contact Elly Donovan PR to request a catalogue/further information)

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All About .... Aliens

The first book in the 'All About ...' series

C. Lee

This first book in this exciting new series from Mereo is being launched at the 2014 London Book Fair (this April).  "All About ... Aliens" is packed with entertaining information and thought-provoking "factoids" plus quotes from world-respected scientists.  It will delight alien-lovers and sceptics alike.  Could make a great Father's Day gift too.

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The White Queen of Middleham

to be re-issued by Mereo Books

First published in 1978, this bestselling historical novel by Lesley J Nickell (about the wife of Richard III) will be re-issued in Autumn 2014 to the delight of loyal fans and to enthrall a new audience.

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Glyn Iliffe moves to Mereo

Acclaimed author of historical fiction changes publisher

It has been announced that the fourth book in Glyn Iliffe's bestselling "Adventures of Odysseus" series (previously published by MacMillan) will now be published by Mereo Books in Autumn 2014.

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All About ... series launched

Mereo's new series of titles offer something for everyone

Beautiful, stunning books brimming over with information on all sorts of topics for enthusiasts and novices alike - great ideas for gifts!  The first few titles cover All About .... Aliens; Guns & Shooting; The Duke of Edinburgh; and Scotland .... many more exciting titles follow soon

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All About .....

Guns & Shooting

The second book in Mereo's new "All About ...." series provides a concise yet comprehensive (and safety-minded) introduction to the sport.

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All About ....

The Duke of Edinburgh

Vicky Edwards

The third title in the new "All About ...." series from Mereo, this stunning, information-packed and very entertaining book is being published on 10th June 2014, the 93rd birthday of HRH The Prince Phillip

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Mereo Books is launched

The exciting new imprint from Memoirs Publishing

Being represented around the globe, this new imprint - Mereo - can be seen at stand P430 at The London Book Fair 2014 (8-10 April). Do make sure you get your hands on their gorgeous catalogue of books for June - December 2014

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The Drug Smugglers Who Would Crush Anyone in Their Path to Escape Justice

Stephen Heubach

Based on a terrifying true story, this chilling thriller finds an innocent man facing a stark choice: either cooperate with drug barons or risk the lives of his family. What would you do in this horrible (real-life) dilemma?

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A Self-Coaching Workbook for Parents and Those Considering Becoming Parents

Anna Golawski, Agnes Bamford & Irvine Gersch

"Wanting a really useful book to guide you through all the questions you should be asking yourself about having a baby? Look no further" So said Alison O'Mahony (founder of StepWise) on MumsNet.

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When the Path to Happiness Means Conquering a Haunted Past

H L Daniel

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

A moving novel exploring the deep emotional issues of self-respect, trust, love and betrayal.

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A Really Cool Dude

Dee Shurety

A charming and quirky illustrated book for children. Laugh and cry with the weird and lovable Snood-bird on his feather-ruffling quest to find love.

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Thank You Mister Bosh - That's Close Enough!

Extracts from Letters Home from The Somme, 1915-1916

Major Herbert R Hoskins MC

One of the most detailed, moving, as-it-happened accounts we have of life in the trenches: horrifying, heartbreaking and surprisingly humorous at times. Herbert's astonishing letters from The Somme were discovered in an attic a few years ago and have been collated by his Grandson, John Hoskins.

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A Personal War Diary: Singapore, Siam and Burma 1941-1945

Sir Harold Atcherley (with drawings by Ronald Searle)

Marking 70 years since POWs captured by the Japanese built the notorious Burma-Siam Railway (featured in the film The Bridge on the River Kwai) this is the remarkable as-it-happened diary of one of the very few who survived: Numerous illustrations from the time by fellow prisoner, the cartoonist, Ronald Searle;  major TV documentary featuring the author is forthcoming; new film (staring Colin Firth) due soon.

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Close to the Edge

A Collection of Imaginative Short Stories with a Twist in the Tale

Tim Moss

Twenty extraordinary and beautifully-crafted short stories never published before. Blending dark themes, bizarre happenings and all manner of human foibles, these spine-tingling adult tales will appeal to fans of Roald Dahl, Edgar Allan Poe and HG Wells.

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Ian Moore attempts French comedy gig in London

English mod comic performs in French for first time

11 Nov 2013 - The Comedy Store, London

Although Ian Moore (one of the UK's "top comedians" according to The Guardian) has lived in France for a few years now, he can still have problems making himself understood in the lingo. Now he's taking on one of the biggest challenges of his life as he prepares to perform his stand-up comedy routing entirely in French for the very first time. Will tout va bien or will it be merde?

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The Time Project

When You Travel Through Time You Can Change Your Own History ...

K S Adams

The greatest danger in digging through the past is not what you find, but what you leave behind. This thoughtful sci-fi novel has a most unexpected sting in the tale! Gripping and action-packed, it also explores those moral values than make us human.

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The Soccer Star Who Lost It All To Gambling

Tony Kelly

A professional footballer's true-life revelations about the gambling hell which destroyed his career, damaged his family and left him with debts in excess of £100K. Publishing on 2nd September 2013.

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Twice a Hero

From the Trenches of the Great War to the Ditches of the Irish Midlands (1915 - 1922)

Phil Tomkins

George Adamson died on his 25th birthday having fought for the British in WW1 and against them in the Irish War of Independence.  Fascinating true story.

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A Lot of Loose Ends:A Vet in Africa

The drama, humour and politics of animal care

Roland Minor

With wry humour, a repected vet looks back on fifty years of drama, political change and scientific advances during his career caring for the animals (and people) of Africa

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Atlantis and the Silver City

by Peter Daughtrey

Plato’s Lost City of Atlantis is not in Santorini (Greece) as previously thought but in The Algarve, Portugal according to newly-published meticulous research

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The Secret Lemonade Drinker

and 12 more books

Guy Bellamy

Who ever said that being a man is easy? Women problems.  Career dilemmas. Financial blunderings. Social embarassments.  All very funny as long as it isn't happening to you!

The ever-green Guy Bellamy comic novels have just been re-released!

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'Just What the Doctors Ordered' &

'Threading the Needle'

Emilie Defreyne

Mystery, romance and danger blend together deliciously in these two gripping novels - perfect summer reading!

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There's Always Tomorrow: The harrowing true story of an abusive marriage

Emilie Defreyne

Why would any woman marry a cruel, sick and vindictive man? Perhaps her heart was already so broken that she believed nothing could ever hurt it again?

This courageous autobiography is, ultimately, uplifting and inspirational  - offering hope to any woman who is trapped in a tragic marriage.

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Conclave 1559

by Mary Hollingsworth

Expert historian examines what goes on behind the closed doors of a Papal Conclave in a revealing new book that goes behind the scenes  of the Renaissance Vatican to discover that very little has changed during the last 450 years

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Death in Godshill: An Isle of Wight Tragedy

by Peter James Cave

A new book re-examines the evidence presented in a notorious, wartime murder trial

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Why was Queen Victoria Such a Prude? and other historical myths and follies

by David Haviland

Weird and wonderful historical facts in a book to make you think, frown, ponder and laugh-out-loud

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Wigwam Toyshop just re-opened in Brighton

Great news for Mums, Dads, Grandparents and kids in Brighton – this much loved toy shop (which closed after the tragic death of the owner) has been bought by two local parents and has just re-opened.  It looks amazing!

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To Hellas and Back and Kick-Start My Heart

by Lana Penrose

The first two books in the trilogy from a best-selling Aussie author – charting Lana’s quest for love and various ways to mend a broken heart – set in Greece and in London.

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A Peculiarly English Education

Sex, Strife and Survival in a Preparatory School from Hell

by Raymond Mitchell-Heggs

A black comedy with adult themes, this new novel (set in 1947) cleverly weaves together themes of mystery, cruelty and espionage into a terrifying and shocking tale. (Publication date: 28 March 2014)

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Catacombs of the Damned

by P J Cadavori

A sexy, dark and shocking horror story for adults set in Dorset

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Herodotus: The Gnome of Sophia

by Patrick Brigham

A fast-paced tale of modern espionage and murder

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